BAASICS envisions a culture in which the fine arts and sciences are complementary parts of our popular discourse, together able to provide an exceptional understanding of our world and of what it means to be human.


BAASICS is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring contemporary topics through the juxtaposition of art and science. With the aim of making fine art and science personally meaningful to a general audience, we produce entertaining and informative live programs, exhibitions, and digital media. Additionally, we aim to foment interdisciplinary exchange and a new genre of experimentation that will move beyond what one of these disciplines can achieve on its own.


We feel strongly that exploring subjects through the complementary lenses of art and science is a rewarding and vital approach, overdue for wide embrace and exploration. The juxtaposition grants us a more holistic and expansive experience of our world.


Many people have asked what makes BAASICS different from other program series that feature speakers and performers. Most obviously, we develop accessible and entertaining productions that showcase the inspiring interface of art and science; very few other organizations focus on the relationship between these two disciplines.

Additionally, our programs are each dedicated to a particular theme, and the participants — whether scientists, visual artists, musicians, or dancers — are given the green light to express their brilliance and share their passions in whatever way they choose. While each presentation can stand on its own, we weave the various elements of each production together via transitions (e.g., video clips, audio slideshows, brief remarks, or Q&A sessions) so that each BAASICS program is a unified whole.

Finally, unlike may other program series, BAASICS tickets are sold using a sliding scale, making all programs affordable. Additionally, all programs are easily accessible via public transportation; we want to reach as broad an audience as possible.


BAASICS was conceived and is produced by Selene Foster & Christopher Reiger, with support from Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program. BAASICS is proud to have presented its first four events in conjunction with ODC Theater and Root Division, and its fifth program in continued partnership with ODC Theater.

BAASICS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. The generosity and enthusiasm of our sponsors, individual donors, and grantees makes our programming possible.