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BAASICS.4: Watershed

BAASICS.4: Watershed

ODC Theater | 3153 17th Street @ Shotwell, SF CA 94110
Saturday, January 18, 2014 | 7-9pm (doors at 6:30pm)
Reception to follow @ Root Division (right next door to ODC)
This event is FREE/SLIDING SCALE, but seating is limited, so reserve your tickets early.
Reserve tickets here!

The Bay Area is home to stately mountains and forests, major metropolitan centers, sprawling suburbs, and an impressive nexus of roads, rail lines, bridges, and tunnels, but our region is named for the estuary that provides its contours. As Will Travis, former Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, puts it, “The bay is our Eiffel Tower, our El Capitan, our Big Ben. It is a visual icon which gives our region its identity as a place different from everywhere else.” Over 7 million of us live near the bays, rivers, and creeks that comprise the San Francisco Bay watershed, but relatively few of us interact with it on a daily basis or know much about its history or ecology.

BAASICS.4: Watershed brings together a diverse group of artists and scientists to reflect on the San Francisco Bay Area watershed. Professor Jay Lund will highlight and explore the ramifications of the urban Bay Area’s dependence on water from distant sources; environmental artists Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien will discuss what they term remedial art, surveying some of their Watershed Sculpture projects; Professor Sarah Cohen will introduce us to “sea vomit” and other aquatic species as she spotlights aquatic diversity in the Bay; accompanied by a string quartet, Karl Cronin, Music Director of the Americana Orchestra, will guide us through a poetic meditation on our relationship to the Hetch Hetchy Valley. These participants and others will join BAASICS co-founders and producers Selene Foster and Christopher Reiger for a entertaining and meandering exploration of the ecology and natural history of our region’s namesake and the tributaries that flow into it.

Following the ODC Theater program, a reception will be held immediately next door, at Root Division, an arts and arts education non-profit. Join us for drinks, good conversation, and networking.

BAASICS.4: Watershed Participants:
C. Sarah Cohen, PhD – Aquatic Diversity in the Bay: When, what, and why?
Karl Cronin – We were once, you and I, the same water
Derek Hitchcock – Watersheds to culturesheds: How science and art merge to create the mythic storytelling of watershed health from source to sea
Jay Lund, PhD – Relying on water from other places
Daniel McCormick & Mary O’Brien – Environmental art in the Anthropocene
Megan Prelinger – Pulling the watershed out of a box: A journey through historical evidence

Also including documentation of projects by:
Christopher Lim, Living Shoreline Program Manager for The Watershed Project
Writer Lizzy Acker & artist Pete Hickok, creators of Salt City Atlas
Dr. Katharyn Boyer’s research lab at The Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies


BAASICS.3 The Deep End


ODC Theater | 3153 17th Street @ Shotwell, SF CA 94110
Monday, May 6, 2013 | 7-9pm (doors at 6:30pm)
Reception to follow @ Root Division (right next door to ODC)
This event is FREE and open to the public. Seating is limited, so come early.

Psychiatric and neurologic conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder, and dementia have been associated with genius or prophetic insight since antiquity. In the fourth century B.C.E., Aristotle claimed “that all men who have attained excellence in philosophy, in poetry, in art and politics [...] had a melancholic habitus; indeed some suffered even from melancholic disease.” Plato wrote of a species of “madness which is a divine gift, and the source of the chiefest blessings granted to men.” 2,400 years later, the correlation persists. Is it a misguided romantic notion or does new research suggest it is true? And how does our increasing awareness of biological and psychological diversity complicate assumptions about innate gifts and afflictions?

BAASICS.3: The Deep End brings together a diverse group of artists and scientists to consider these questions and others. Dr. Walter Freeman will consider how chaos in the brain may endow us with the ability to respond flexibly to the outside world and to generate novel ideas; photographer Timothy Archibald and his son, Eli, will share their experience collaborating with one another on a collection of compelling images that sheds light on the autistic experience; artist Leeza Doreian will present a survey of artworks by Creativity Explored artists and speak about the organization’s mission to provide developmentally disabled individuals with opportunities to create artwork and pursue careers in the visual arts; and more. Wade into the deep end with BAASICS co-founders and producers Selene Foster and Christopher Reiger for a provocative, moving, and entertaining evening.

Following the ODC Theater program, a reception will be held immediately next door, at Root Division, an arts and arts education non-profit. Join us for drinks, good conversation, networking, and an opportunity to win some fantastic door prizes from our sponsor, Lumosity.

BAASICS.3: The Deep End Participants:
Hannah Addario-Berry – Solo Cello Performance
Leeza Doreian — Con-Currents: Creativity, Individuality, and Community
Professor Walter J Freeman, MD – Persevere or perseverate? How brain chaos surmounts challenges
Indre Viskontas, PhD – Release from Inhibition: The creative impulse in patients with dementia
Katherine Sherwood – How a Cerebral Hemorrhage Altered My Art
Timothy Archibald – ECHOLILIA : Walking the Path on the Autistic Spectrum
Terrence Ketter, MD – Creativity, Mood, and Temperament in Bipolar Disorder

Read more about the BAASICS.3: The Deep End presenters HERE.


Finally, a BIG thank you to our BAASICS.3: The Deep End Kickstarter project supporters:

Jeff Leifer
Steve Lipton & Robbin Mashbein
Micah & Erin Hyman
Liz & Richard Bordow
Meredith Foster
Matt Keel
Michael Krouse
Jon & Georgeanne Sack
Jenny Salomon
Annette Schuh
Leslie Tamarkin & Marc Becker
Luc de Montigny
Nick & Caroline Paul
Dara Nachmanoff
Joe Bamberg
Mogolodi & Hope Bond
Elizabeth & Brian Cayne
Tucker Cheadle
Amity Cox
Andrew Cyr & Kate Gilmore
Parker & Maureen Dooley
Lynn Duncan
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Jim Lovette
Candace Jensen & Owen Schuh
Drs. Risa Kagan & Richard Stern
Michelle Mansour
Donald McCready
Conrad M. Meyers II
Nate & Deb Perry
Debra Poulter
Kim Shelton
Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott
Judy & Valerie Morris
Sue Sully
Edward Jones
James Leonard
Angel Alvarez-Mapp
Eileen Cardillo
Elizabeth Cedars
Jonas Everets
Marcus & Jenny Fox
Dirk Hockemeyer
Nicole Duennebier
Matt Ferranto & Elizabeth Guffey
Dan & Lynne Fingerman
Matt Larson & Emma Simmons
Kija Lucas
Frederick Pinch
Surabhi Saraf
Doro Shin
Rosie Walker
Emerson Yellen
Anne Klint & Raul Garcia
Brittany Bagley & David Gliklich
Jeff Bailey
Michael Bartalos
Frank Castaneda
Stephen Cedars
Jennifer F. Claudio
Drs. Bob & Rebecca Epstein
John Hawkins
Mateo Hao
Brian Holt
Nicole Horton
Yi-Chang Liu
Lulu Lolo
Tim McMath
Debra Morrison
Betsy Palay
Beverly Ress
Christopher Saunders
Deborah Simon
Kate Stirr
Yancey Strickler
Amber Stucke
Christoph Stutts
Rebecca Szeto
Eun Young Choi & Jeremiah Teipen
David Tomb
Dai Toyofuku
Meredith Tromble
Anja Ulfeldt
Barry Hoggard & James Wagner
Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy
Dana & Jacob Harel
Blane De St. Croix & Diana Shpungin
Jack Christian
Anthony R. Evans
Laura Klein
Dominique Mazeaud
Kate Borcherding
Alicia Escott
Kelly & Keith Inouye
Marsha Kaplan
Aaron Scott Kroh
Margaret Lanzetta
Peter McLean & Carol Ann Pala
Michael McDevitt
Kate Murray
Jessica Palmer
Molly Schafer
Brianna Wolf
…and others!


Fundraiser/Meetup @ Madrone Art Bar


Please join us for the second in our series of casual meet-and-greets at great local bars. Madrone Art Bar has graciously offered to donate a percentage of sales to BAASICS for this one night only. Come help us celebrate art and science and everything in between!

There is no agenda for this Meetup and, like most great bars, it might get loud. But we all had a fantastic time at Dr. Teeth last week. Let’s do it again!

When: Thursday, February 28, 2013 6-9pm
Where: Madrone Art Bar, 500 Divisadero St. (@ Fell), San Francisco, CA

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Fundraiser/Meetup @ Dr. Teeth

Photo: Library Of Congress, Prints, NYT / SF

When: February 7, 2013  6-8pm
Where: Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, 2323 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

The fantastic Mission District bar Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem has agreed to host a little meet-and-greet/fundraiser for our upcoming BAASICS event (taking place on May 6, 2013). This is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of who our community is, to meet each other in a casual and fun environment, and to brainstorm about future art/science collaborations in the Bay Area.

If you haven’t been to Dr. Teeth yet, we think you’ll love it. If you have, then you know what fun it will be to fill the bar with compatriots and to celebrate the incredible diversity and creativity of where we live.

Plus, by patronizing this great establishment you will also be supporting our project to bring you free, inspiring events exploring the increasingly exciting space where the arts and sciences meet.

Bring your friends and we’ll see you there!

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BAASICS.2: The Future

ODC Theater | 3153 17th Street @ Shotwell, SF CA 94110
June 18, 2012, 7:30-9:30pm (doors at 7pm)
BAASICS events are FREE! – Seating is limited so come early
Reception following @ Root Division (right next door to ODC)

What comes to mind when you ponder “the future”? Do you imagine a day when flying cars will be commonplace, androids will perform household chores, and humanity will populate other planets?  Or do you fret over imminent environmental catastrophe, the rise of a totalitarian mega-state, and the end of our species?

BAASICS.2: The Future brings together Bay Area artists, inventors, futurists, researchers, and musicians whose projects and musings provide us with some sense of what may lie just around the proverbial corner.  Joe Betts-Lacroix, a scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, will discuss the importance of “curing” aging; cross-disciplinary artist Scott Kildall will showcase his project to transmit Tweets toward GJ667Cc, an exoplanet located 20 light years from Earth; Earplay musician Ellen Ruth Rose and composer Edmund Campion will meld Rose’s viola with live computer to produce mysterious and beautiful music; former physicist and tech journalist Aaron Saenz will discuss good robots, bad robots, and prospects for synthetic life.  Grab your jet pack and join BAASICS co-founders and producers, Selene Foster and Christopher Reiger, for a provocative and entertaining evening of time travel.

Following the ODC Theater program, a reception will be held immediately next door, at Root Division, an arts and arts education non-profit.  Join us for drinks, good conversation, networking, and an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from our generous sponsors, Lumosity and Sifteo.

Read more about the BAASICS.2: The Future presenters HERE.

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BAASICS.1: A Live Animal

ODC Theater
July 19, 2011, 7:30-9:30pm

On psychic and cellular levels, what exactly occurs when a human interacts with another animal species?  Despite our growing knowledge of biology and natural history, the answer has remained something of a mystery.  The scientists, artists, and choreographer participating in BAASICS.1: A Live Animal invite us to consider other species through a variety of lenses – mythic, scientific, and philosophical – and to formulate our own  approaches to the “animal other.”  In so doing, they challenge us to grapple with the existential question, “How should we conceive of and conduct our relationships with other species, and also with one another?”

This evening is being presented in conjunction with an exhibition titled “A Live Animal,” curated by BAASICS co-founders Selene Foster and Christopher Reiger, which opened on July 9th, 2011, at Root Division, just next door to ODC Theater.

We would like to thank everyone at ODC for supporting this event, especially Rob Bailis, Christy Bolingbroke, Mark Erickson, and Nicole Mitchell. We hope this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. We would also like to thank all of the artists in “A Live Animal” for inspiring this event and Nicole McClure, our stage manager, for her theatrical expertise.

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